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Hyperion is a real estate investment firm that focuses on identifying, acquiring, and operating high-quality retail properties in the Western United States.

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*Please note that HRC’s assets, deal history, and track record, as presented in this website, includes historical realized and unrealized deals sourced, acquired, managed, and sold under the control of key HRC members in their capacities inside and outside of HRC.

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Move with the Markets

Grow with Hyperion

In an ever changing and dynamic CRE markets, we see an out-sized potential in retail. Join us as we seek out high-performing investment properties.

Our team has an established track record of finding opportunities, even in volatile and transitioning markets, with over $3.5 Billion of transactions across the Western US and in various economic conditions.

We treat every transaction with care and attention to detail. That means we endeavor to align ourselves with the interests and expectations of every investor.

We do things differently.